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My husband told me I should poke in, even if it's just to say to hi.  He's such good husband.  I know some of you have seen my rug post that went live maybe a week or two ago.  I still have it in my draft folder ready to be published ... again.   You can probably even see it if you read this blog on Bloglovin'.   I loved that post.  It took me a year to gather my information for that post.  I feared that post was read totally wrong, and it began to make me feel guilty.  It made me feel that I was bashing, when in reality, I was not and simply stating the truth about a company I would purchase from again.   Blogging can be hard at times for that particular reason.  This space is a place for me to share.  Share my home, share my life, share my makes, share information I have gathered over time or through experience.  Would I seem fake if I didn't share true experiences with you?   I find myself in such a bind in this particular moment in my life, and I know that you have no clue as to what bind I am talking about.  I hope you don't mind that I'm just writing.  I rarely do that here.  I rarely babble on this blog.

The real reason I popped in is to let you know I am here.   I've got some really exciting news heading this way soon, so stay tuned.  That's why I am not here on the blog.  I wish I could be.  Bear with me.  I did make you a free printable though.  Enjoy that while the posting is infrequent.  I shall return!  Promise!

"She believed she could, so she did."

I'm believing and doing, and I cannot wait to share with you my good news.

Click here to download your free printable 8" x 8" copy.

xx nancy

P.S.!- Did you know I leave for the United Kingdom really soon?!?!  Probably not, but I am telling you now!  I have plans to visit Scotland, England, Ireland, and hopefully Sweden and Denmark.

P.S.S.! - I am waaaayyy more active on Instagram, so follow me there!  Plus you'll see loads of pictures from my trip on there too.  Not on IG but interested in my photos?  Let me know, and I might collage them here on the blog.

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sweet as honey

Hello!  Today is my stop on the Sweet as Honey Blog Tour hosted by Bonnie Christine of Going Home to Roost.  She is the creator of this line, and it is sweet indeed.  When she asked me if I wanted to participate, I immediately said yes.  Matt and I raised honeybees for awhile before the unexpected mild temps during one winter killed them.  We lost our hives.

My fabric did not start out as strips.  In fact, they were triangles for a quilt, but it just didn't seem right.  I knew I had to take a different path.  I've never worked with courthouse steps before, and I wanted to give it a try.  The Essex linen in Steel juxtaposes the bright colors.  I paired it with Art Gallery's Squared Elements in Seafoam to calm my selection of fabrics.

As you can see, this collection is fun and cheerful and centered around a woodland theme.

My favorite photo of all though is probably this last one.  It was a bit underexposed, which made the fabric radiate, in my opinion.  The photo was so moody and dark, and it was just the perfect opposition to the sweetness found in Sweet as Honey.

There are 25 bloggers participating, which means 25 projects you can see using Sweet as Honey.   Tomorrow's stop is with the miss Bonnie Christine herself, so you won't want to miss that!

Here's the roundup.

Monday March 3rd – Jennifer | Hopeful Homemaker
Tuesday March 4th – Jessica | Haile and Co
Wednesday March 5th – Meg | Milk and Rhubarb
Thursday March 6th – Meghan | Eat Live Make
Friday March 7th – Sarah | Crinkle Love
Monday March 10th – Amy | During Quiet Time
Tuesday March 11th – Corey | Little Miss Shabby
Wednesday March 12th – Amanda | Material Girl Quilts
Thursday March 13th – Sarah | No Hats in the House
Friday March 14th – Caroline | Sew Caroline
Monday March 17th – Ale | Golden Willow Quilts
Tuesday March 18th – Emily | Beautiful Hello Blog
Wednesday March 19th – Melissa | Lulu The Baker
Thursday March 20th – Nancy | Owen’s Oliva
Friday March 21st – Bonnie  | Going Home to Roost
Saturday March 22nd – Cindy | School House Patterns
Monday March 24th – Melissa | Missouri Mel
Tuesday March 25th – Shannon | Very Shannon
Wednesday March 26th – Heidi | Hands Occupied
Thursday March 27th – Barb | Knack Studios
Friday March 28th – Caitlin | Salty Oat
Saturday March 29th – Karen | Celebrate Life With Us
Monday March 31st – Kellie Kraft Nurse Quilt
Tuesday April 1st – Krista | Everyday Miija
Wednesday April 2nd – April San Pedro | I Am Artisan

Want to buy Sweet as Honey?

You can purchase from BobbieLou's Fabric Factory.

xx nancy

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Fabric Basket and Bucket || Tutorial

Hello!  Today I'm over at Somewhat Simple sharing a somewhat easy sewing tutorial that's perfect for Spring.  Depending on the choice of fabrics, these are great for children or adults.  Perfect for small storage or for an upcoming Easter as a custom Easter basket.

I had picked up this wood basket last summer in San Deigo, CA, and I loved it shape, size, and awesome graphic print.  Every time I look at it though, it reminded me of the Easter baskets I had growing up, and I knew it would be fun to make a fabric version.

There are two options - with or without handles.  These baskets measure approximately 5" high (excluding the handle) and 8" in diameter.

Get the full tutorial here.

xx nancy

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4 cross quilts || New colorway

Well, hello there gold cross (or plus) quilts!  Are you swooning?  I have to admit there was a small moment of burnout.  I did not want to look at or make another plus quilt, but after completing them and taking photos, I am back in love.  Will this style ever die?  Nope.  I think this trend will soon become a classic.  Three of these are for sale and are listed in my shop.  There will be more gold quilts coming in the future, possibly venturing away from this print, so stay tuned.  I hope you like them as much as I do!

xx nancy

Quilts can be purchased here.

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Cargo Duffle || Crafty Traveler Series

Hello, and welcome to my stop on the Crafty Traveler blog hop hosted by Ellison Lane.

For this hop, we were asked to review patterns for handmade travel items.  Since I'm lacking the handmade bag department, I opted for the Cargo Duffle.  It is made by Anna Graham of Noodlehead for Robert Kaufman.   This is a nice bag that can be used for all sorts of things.  I really like how my bag turned out, even with the few adjustments I made.  When it comes to making things from patterns, the thing I dislike most is having to contact the person who made the pattern.  Not only does it make me feel stupid, but I always fear that I am bothering their time with what may be stupid questions.  Unfortunately, I had to contact Anna a few times, which I am sure were just errors on my part and my lack of bag making skills, but I included below the problems I ran into.

Skill level: Intermediate

Time commitment:  Plan for several hours or a weekend to construct your bag.

Perfect for:  Day trips, overnight bag, church bag, gym bag, or new mothers

What I changed:

-I opted out of the cargo pockets and made a zippered pocket instead.  This would definitely be intermediate since you have to know the sewing and quilting order in order for it to work properly.  I also added piping, which is an easy addition anyone could do.

-I chose not bind my raw edges, but I think that is something I wouldn't skip next time.  Since it's just for me, the exposed raw edges are no big deal, but I could add the binding on at a later time if I wanted.

-I added a plus in the upper right hand corner for a little character.  I chose to inset this, so I would not have any seam lines in my main fabric.

-I sewed my bag with a size 14 needle and my #37 foot (Bernina).  I used my walking foot for the quilting lines.  I mention this because I know not everyone has a walking foot or size 16 needle handy.  My Bernina was able to handle the work, but I know machines vary.

Helpful tips:

-The "accent" piece is literally an accent piece.  My brain kept thinking this was differential word (even after reading the directions!), so I would know which piece she was talking about in the pattern.  Main fabric (leaf print) and accent fabric (linen).  With that and the combination of my eyes fooling me that there was a seam between the linen and the main fabric print, it made for a really dumb night on my part.  So don't do like me and try to fight with this faux seam.  You ain't going to win.

- I personally felt the handle instructions were vague. I did not know which side was referred to as the "raw edge" since both sides were raw, even after sewing the right sides together.  There is one photo of it rolled, but I think it would have helped me to have more photos of how to exactly fold the fabric so you have nice accent trims on the sides.  If I can get around to it, I will snap a few photos how to fold the fabric for the handles, and update this post.

-In the instructions, it states to center the gusset loop, and sew RST.  Eyeballing it, I tried to center the zipper and place the piping correctly, so it wouldn't be wonky.  After repositioning three or four times, my fabric was pulling in either direction, and I knew I was doing something wrong.

This caused tightness to happen on only one side of the bag.  I didn't realize that if I was off even by a little bit with my centering, it would throw the whole thing off causing this tightness.  There are no measurements provided of how far the zipper seam was to the gusset seam, so the distance between my zipper seam and the piping on my gusset is 2.5".   Make sure to lay your gusset flat (zipper side up) and measure the center of that.  Then measure the center of the main front piece of your bag.  Pin those two markings into place, and then continue on as the pattern states.

-Do sew only the top and bottom first, and then on the sides.  I didn't have issues with that, but I am sure someone out there will want to skip that step.

-Do buy a carryall zipper, preferably YKK brand, because it makes such a difference!

-If I were to make this bag again, I would consider adding canvas to the straps to make them a little thicker.  I would also consider adding interfacing to the bag to give it a little more structure when there are few items in the bag.  Both ideas are just a personal preference though and have nothing to do with the quality or integrity of the current bag.

My project used:

- Juliana Horner Modbox
- Essex Yarn Dyed Linen by Robert Kaufman
-YKK zippers, 26" carryall and 18" in black
-Quilted in Aurifil Mako 28 wt #2024

Would I recommend this pattern:  Yes for those who, in general, feel confident in sewing.  No to beginners.

Here is the original bag made by Anna.  Isn't it lovely?!
via noodlehead

You have a chance to share your handmade traveling item too.  Link up your project (no more than 6 months old + a new blog post) at Ellison Lane March 6-12 for a chance to win one of three great prizes.  Sorry, US residents only.   You may link from Flickr or Threadbias too.

Prizes include: Free Spirit fabric, Crafty Traveler Tote supplies, Dritz rotary cutter, box of 50 Coats threads, and a Pellon Prize Pack

And a special thank you to the sponsors!

Thanks for stopping in.  There are a lot of other great handmade items to be seen, so check it out!

xx nancy

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